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New York City based singer-songwriter, Hannah Cranton " real. She's real to you, your dreams, your imaginations in love and tribulations...she is captivating with spearing lyrics she has sharpened through the forging of life experiences. Expressive lyrics like Hannah's relegates everything to second class." (Come Here Floyd)

With an ability to span genres while still maintaining a cohesive sound, Hannah has, "captivated crowds with her transfixing voice and eclectic words.” (The Noise) Her music has been described as “clear, open and expressive” (Lynn Happens) along with being “all woman…conjuring up Baez and Collins with its rich cadence.” (Art Throb)

In 2013 Hannah released her debut album, Without a Shadow of a Certainty, that has been described as “an incredible piece of art…tied together by a musical and lyrical flow that takes you on a journey.” (The Noise)

In 2018 Hannah partnered with producer Katie Buchanan to re-release a single of her song Roller Coaster Ride. A song that is, "a promise for a stronger self. A self that will get off that ride of doubt, to move on to a more deserved path" (Come Here Floyd)

In 2019 Cranton and Buchanan partnered together again to record the EP ‘Cards’ that explores themes of self-acceptance and perseverance. The single ‘Kite’ off the EP has been described as, “…some combination of The National and Christine Fellows, it’s nocturnal wandering lost and lonely even within the city bustle… The track’s rise toward the repeated refrain feels like a concerted effort, a mantra to be held on the lips…that might just overwhelm the trouble pressing in. After all, there’s a degree of self-harm in too much reflection. Sometimes it’s enough to hold on and try to move forward.” (Various Small Flames)



Clay Ventre
Walnut St. Cafe
The Bitter End 2017
The Bitter End 2014
Pianos (Upstairs Lounge)
Pete's Candy Store
Black Dog Brother
CD Release Party
CD Release Party
CD Release Party
New York City
Jeff Savlon
Arlene's Grocery 2016
Arlene's Grocery 2015

"...Cards is a pristine, beautiful song from singer-songwriter Hannah Cranton’s EP of the same name…Sounding soft and hasteless, the neat arrangement and especially gentle guitar create a moving atmosphere. The track’s sad and slightly melancholic mood reflects the acceptance--one of the main themes of the EP. Hannah shares her wisdom with a crystal-clear voice that can’t be more sincere. Cards immerses you in a deeply emotional, yet temperate and mature journey.”


-Tonic Grain

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